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One of the cardinal principles of GQ Acoustics is the indispensability of skilled and trained audio engineers; we believe that equipment alone cannot guarantee quality sound; professionally-trained audio engineers hold the vital keys to unlocking the varying intricacies and complexities of a well-designed and engineered sound. To that extent, GQ Acoustics engineers are all professionally trained by Meyer Sound and DiGiCo UK. They have acquired the skills and craftsmanship necessary to confidently hold their own even among top audio engineers around the world. Furthermore, our professional training in the world-acclaimed SIM 3, MAPP, Systems Design Implementation and Optimization further puts GQ Acoustics shoulders above the rest.

Our course contents lead to the award of the SIM certificate accredited by the AES (Audio Engineering Society) and comprise the following:

  • Measurements
  • Loudspeaker Alignment
  • Loudspeaker Arrays
  • Using Meyer Sound Self Powered Series with LD series Line Driver (LD-1A OR LD-2)
  • MAPP Online
  • Line Array and Curvilinear Array