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With GQ Acoustics, you need not deal with several companies to resolve complex issues involving Concert Production, Touring, Systems Design, Architectural Acoustics, Training, Sales, After-Sales Service, System Management, Technical Advice and Consultancy. All these solutions and services come from one company; one focused with a credible and dedicated group of highly trained and experienced professionals. Our services include the following:

Architectural Acoustics/ Design Services We offer professional service in architectural acoustics, solutions to sound architecture, design implementation and application techniques for different categories of clients, e.g. Houses of Worship, Recording studios, Corporate Boardrooms, TV and Radio Studios. Utilizing a Multi-Purpose Acoustic Prediction Program (MAPP) we are able to carry out professional audio and acoustic designs on projects by simulating accurate predictions in defined space for the right choice of systems and their application before embarking on any project or adopting new design concepts.

Concert Production The perspective to the concept and production of live shows around the world has changed considerably because the listening audiences have become more sophisticated and critical of sound quality and are thus desirous of better production quality in today’s events. The performing and touring artistes also want systems that have the capacity to reproduce their original materials correctly in a live situation. Consequently, concert promoters and event organizers need a company that possesses the capacity and experience to produce a top quality event. At GQA, we have everything you need to create a successful event because where performance counts we work production beyond your wildest dreams. GQA Production division covers the following:

  • Professional Sound Reinforcement
  • Professional Lighting
  • Staging & Design
  • Video Production
  • Artist Management
  • Logistics & Support
  • Sound Design & Productions

At GQ Acoustics, we work the science behind the art of sound. Our resume bears testimony to our competence and capabilities in production of live sound. GQA equipment inventory includes most of the latest Meyer Sound products. Our flagship, the MILO Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker was voted to be the best sounding loudspeaker in the Pro-Audio industry (AES World Convention,San Francisco 2004). Our backline gear include premium professional audio equipment from some of the leading manufacturers in the world.

Sales & Support Services GQ Acoustics is the official manufacturer's representative to Meyer Sound of USA in the West Africa region, offering sales and technical service on all Meyer Sound products and offering a factory certified 3 year warranty on all hardware and electronics. We also provide technical training for all purchases. GQ Acoustics is also the manufacturer's representative to DiGiCo UK, the world foremost manufacturer of premium digital audio consoles. DiGiCo products have authoritatively become the industry’s benchmark for professional digital consoles. The company also offers complete after sales support for all its products as well as technical training for a variety of its desks. All DiGiCo products come with a 1 year warranty. Unlike most manufacturer representatives who disconnect from the client at the point of sale, GQA remains a faithful partner working closely with you and providing solutions to maximize the potentials of your systems even beyond the warranty. GQ Acoustics is affiliated to a number of manufacturers and their agents worldwide dealing with high quality professional audio equipment ranging from microphones to keyboards, mixers, drumsets, IEM etc. All these products have between 1 to 3 years manufacturer warranty.

Professional Audio Training GQ Acoustics conducts professional audio training in Nigeria in conjunction with ICRC of France, DiGiCo UK and Meyer Sound USA. These courses meet AES certified standards and are conducted periodically leading to award of certificates in different categories of professional audio engineering recognized worldwide. These courses we hope will help to streamline professional standards in the industry, enhance productivity and develop career potentials for audio engineers in Pro-Sound, Broadcasting, Touring/Rental, Recording and Houses of Worship in West Africa. In addition, GQA conducts In-House professional audio training for clients. Our In-House training is directed at specific clients like Houses of Worship, Electronic Media; Recording Studios, Live Sound Engineers and consists of the following:

  • Design Principles & Optimization
  • SIM 3 Technology (Tuning & Alignment)
  • MAPP On-Line Pro (Sound Design)
  • Analogue & Digital Mixing
  • Consultancy/Technical and Systems Advice

GQ Acoustics provides consultancy service and Systems Advice in audio/acoustics engineering applications as well as professional advice on choice of systems for your peculiar needs. You are professionally guided with necessary information to make the right decisions on technical issues governing professional sound. We recommend that our clients avail themselves with the wide range of unique services we offer in order to maximize all the benefits that were before now not available in Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region.