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In line with GQA commitment to providing educational resource and training to the professional audio community in Nigeria, beginning from the 1st of February 2016 GQA will start a series educational programs specially designed and packaged for organizations that employ the services of sound professionals and individuals or prospective sound engineers who are desirous of increasing and expanding their scope of knowledge in sound engineering.


This course is designed to provide participants with an introductory concept of utilizing audio show control and presenting historical background covering the origin and roles of sound effects. Modern sound system design techniques and concepts are well presented as operational challenges. The recent advances in sound console automation integrating show control and playback are presented with a practical demonstration

·         Automating Live Sound: Audio Show Control, Mixing and Playback

·         Fundamentals of System Design, Implementation, and Optimization

·         Introduction to Galileo/Compass Loudspeaker Management System

·         Sound System Design

·         System Design Principles


This is an in-depth course that guides participants through the content of design reference for sound reinforcement. It deals specifically on the art and science of system design and measurement at an immediate to advanced level. It covers behavior of systems components (filters, equalizers, amplifiers and loudspeakers), how they interact with each other and the net effect in time and amplitude domains when systems are deployed in acoustical environments. This course helps to illustrate particularly problematic situations and outlines both the physics behind the solutions with the specific applications of Meyer Sound technology.

This course is also designed and dedicated to the use of MAPP XT acoustical prediction system as a primary tool in system design. It also includes hands-on training in an environment which represents the demanding nature of typical schedules facing the industry. It also involves procedures in implementing system design, rigging, cabling, flying, signal distribution, optimizing the response with a loudspeaker management processor and verifying the results with an audio analyzer

·         The Mixing Workshop

·         Line Array Design and Application

·         Quick System Setup and Alignment

·         System Optimization and Measurement Introduction

·         The Mixing Workshop 2


This course integrates course materials from several other training sessions into a single seminar that gives participants a solid working familiarity with a firm understanding of the latest innovation in sound technology and covering measurement and concepts such as FFT analysis, filters and phase relationships at an advanced level with the practical reference to the use of an audio analyzer system. Other main topics to be covered include system alignment, basic array theory, applications of MAPP XT, loudspeaker management system for optimizing performance.

This training seminar is also designed for acoustical consultants, sound contractors working with complex systems, touring and theatrical system designers and system tech.

·         Comprehensive System Design and Implementation

·         D-Mitri Training and Applications

·         Level II Advanced System Design and Optimization

·         SIM 3 Training and System Design

·         Sound Systems: Design & Optimization with Bob McCarthy (Advanced Applications for MAPP XT and SIM 3)



Interested persons and organizations should direct all inquiries and seminar registration in person to our office in Ikeja - Lagos