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Meyer Sound and GQ Acoustics + Sound Team Up for Nigeria's "The Experience" Gospel Concert

For Nigeria's annual gospel concert "The Experience," local sound company GQ Acoustics + Sound knew that only the most powerful and reliable sound system should be used for the event's expected audience of 80,000. Then three times that number actually showed up. "When I first looked at the size of the crowd, it was almost frightening," admits Peter Iriah, GQ's CEO. The event's venue, Tafawa-Balewa Square, with its concrete, reflective surfaces and muggy conditions, did not make the challenge easier for GQ. Nevertheless, the Meyer Sound system provided by GQ effortlessly delivered the sound of Cece Winans, Tye Tribbett, Israel Houghton, Marvin Winans and Kurt Karr in one of the biggest shows the African continent had ever seen. "We were equipped with the right tools, so it was just a matter of implementing the prediction results from MAPP Online Pro (acoustical prediction program) to achieve the best coverage possible," notes Iriah. The final system was comprised of right and left arrays of 16 MICA line array loudspeakers anchoring the system, with four additional MICAs as front fill. Two MTS-4A full-range loudspeakers were used for side fill, along with 12 700-HP subwoofers groundstacked. Galileo loudspeaker management system handled system processing and drive, and SIM 3 audio analyzer was used for system tuning. Iriah was especially pleased with the ample low end provided by the 700-HP. "The 700-HP rose to the occasion," says Iriah. "In my opinion, that product should really be the standard for the industry." On stage, eight MJF-212A stage monitors and 10 UM-100P stage monitors were used. "Several artists commented how they loved the MJF-212As," says Iriah. Iriah also praises the self-powered feature of the Meyer Sound loudspeakers, as it eliminated amp racks and long loudspeaker cables. According to Iriah, the promoters were skeptical of its power when they first saw the compact size of the system after it was set up. "But in the end, they were so pleased with how it sounded, they have already asked us to handle next year's show," adds Iriah. Now running a highly successful sound company servicing large-scale events throughout the country, Iriah attributes his success to Meyer Sound's high-quality products, technical support, and its worldwide education program. "We really appreciate Meyer Sound's assistance for creating a new breed of professional sound engineers in this region; the SIM seminars held here in Lagos are invaluable. I myself am a testimony to the quality of Meyer Sound's educational program."