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GQA thrills patrons at Lagos Boat Club

Top American R&B artiste JOE, thrilled a full-capacity audience at The Lagos Motor Boat Club end of year party held at its Awolowo Road, Ikoyi venue. The event was attended by special guests and club members who included captains of industry, officers of the armed forces, diplomats and top executives - all decision makers from diverse spheres in Nigeria. Joseph Lewis Thomas, simply known as JOE was the main act while GQ Acoustics was of course the sound production company. The show, which is an annual one, also featured the Sugar Band which provided patrons with a wide variety of musical genres. 


The beautifully decorated waterside, coupled with the powerful and pristine delivery of the Meyer Sound self-powered speaker system provided wonderful ambience for the night of fun and entertainment. GQA’s SIM3 Analyzer and the Galileo 616 speaker management system were put to their ultimate test for tuning and alignment as the venue was prone to reflections and reverberation from its marble stone and glass profile. The result was an overwhelming musical adventure for the guests and artistes who couldn’t help commending the uniqueness of the overall experience which was capped with fireworks at midnight.


The GQA gear used included the latest new generation Meyer Sound JM-1P horizontal array loudspeakers and the 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofers as the front of house main system; others featured were the MJF 212-4A high-power monitors, the revolutionary UPJ-1P compact VariO loudspeakers with the USW-1P subwoofer which served the JOE drummer on the stage. These unique hybrid systems coupled with highly trained engineering personnel sets GQA apart as the foremost sound production company in Africa.


“Having GQA as the sound production company at this year’s party was worth the experience” summarised one of the organisers.