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GQA Staff Training in Germany

In our quest to consistently equip and maintain a high profile technical crew, GQA sent out a team of six sound engineers to Montabaur, Germany in April on a training seminar to update and expand their knowledge on various aspects of sound application. The team also visited the Pro-Sound+ Light International Exhibition that held at Frankfurt, thereby exploring the newest dimensions in the industry’s growth. While at the state-of-the-art Meyer Sound European Tech Support and Training facility, GQA engineers attended a seminar on Sound System Design and MAPP Online. The course coordinator, Mauricio Ramirez used the opportunity to reiterate the importance of a dynamic curriculum that can adapt to the ever changing needs of industry professionals, and the clients who require their services.

Joining the GQA crew in Germany was a 5-man technical team of one of the company’s clients - Deeper Life Bible Church. The course content which included the operation and dynamics of SIM 3 audio analyzer, the Galileo speaker management system and other audio software, enabled both teams appreciate the quality and accurate delivery profile of Meyer Sound speaker systems. The exercise was a mix of both theory and practical sessions, which was a great experience for all participants.

GQA is placed on a high pedestal when it comes to sound production in Africa. There is no doubt that this position has been attained, and is sustained as a result of the focus on consistent training alongside premium equipment. The difference is always obvious when sound production is placed in the hands of audio professionals. With modern technologies, reproducing high quality sound becomes even more impressive. Speaking about the trip, “It was the greatest experience and the biggest exhibition I have ever attended. It was an eye opener for all of us” said Andrew Adesina - GQ Acoustics Technical Manager.

GQA @ Montabaur & Frankfurt42
GQA @ Montabaur & Frankfurt33 GQA @ Montabaur & Frankfurt28